• bobo choses

    bobo choses

    Once upon a time there was a clothing brand that spoke the language that childres speak.... Meet bobo choses.

    Each collection tells a story that is published as a children’s book, It makes the clothes special and meaningful. Read more about it in the magazine.

    Bobo choses loves hand-illustrated prints that go along with carefully selected colours and fabrics in comfortable shapes.

    The headquarters are located in Mataró, by the Mediterranean Sea, about thirty miles from the inspiring city of Barcelona. Most of the clothes are produced in Spain or Portugal. We are very pleases that since winter 2016,  bobo choses use organic cotton.

    Their core values are creativity, passion, honesty and a sense of humour.

  • BY-BAR


    BY-BAR is a Dutch clothing and accessory label for girls and teenagers.
    The styles consist of modern essentials with a rich look and beautiful details. We love this this brand because it is timeless and your outfit will last several seasons.

  • Daily Brat
  • donsje


    Donsje is an irresistibly cute children's clothing brand from Amsterdam.

    The unique wardrobe with imaginative shoes and matching accessories is loved not only by children, but also by their parents.

    Donsje works with dedicated factories and employs local craftsmen who work in a safe and positive atmosphere and are paid fairly.

  • edelsteen  - gemstone

    edelsteen - gemstone

    There is always a gemstone that suits you.

    One that gives you self-confidence, that brings peace or happiness or just to strengthen your friendship.

    Own creation.

  • finger in the nose

    finger in the nose

    Tailored jeans, graphic tees, cool fleece sweaters, authentic jackets and warm parkas… Finger in the Nose reinterprets the classics and essentials of the youth wardrobe with a bold attitude.

  • FUB


    FUB designs kidswear up to 12 years. In times where fashion gets a lot of attention, FUB dares to stand out and brings classic and unisex knitwear that never outdate.
    They have choosen the work with the best sustainable products whithout any armful chemicals. You will find knitted cardigans, dresses and much more in organic cotton or natural wool.



    Jump into the world of GOSOAKY . A place where ordinary things become extraordinary. A place where  a heavy rain or a pool of water is one big playground.

    The collection contains lined and not lined raincoats , trousers and capes . All with taped seams, waterproof fabrics and zippers. A statement piece , stylish and fitting to any outfit.

  • Gray Label
  • i dig denim


    IMPS&ELFS is a Dutch fashion label for kids up to 14 years with a timeless design and extra comfort.

    Since 2004 IMPS&ELFS joined MADE-BY to clean up the prodcution process on the fashion industry. The ultimate goal of this coorporation between fashion and fairtrade is to produce clothes that are 100% child labor free and made from organic cotton.

  • indee


    Indee (independence)  refers to a new generation of independant young girls who want to dress exactly how they feel.



    Inspired by existing fabrics and knits, this Dutch brand creats a special collection based on redecorated existing materials to which they have added sustainable knits and jerseys.

    The opening spring 2017 collection contains lots of limited editions and easy to wear pieces for girls from 4-16 years old.

  • Maed for Mini
  • Main Story

    Main Story

    A modern clothing for children in soft-tone colours and print in minimalist styles.

    Each piece is designed to be comfortable, and provide ease of movement, using only soft natural fabrications, and organic qualities where available.

    Pieces that we hope you will pass on to be worn some more after they no longer fit.

    Tip: Main Story is spacious and very oversize. Wear by age or smaller.

  • MarMar Copenhagen
  • mini rodini

    mini rodini

    Mini Rodini is a fresh and innovative label. Each collection they reveal unique and creative prints that stimulate our imagination.  Every child's heart is conquered at the sight of so many beatiful prints.

    The soft fabrics make the clothes comfortable to wear. The collections are timeless due to their basic and unisex patterns.

    Over the years, mini rodini developed a strong ecological vision . Materials that can be found in the collections include organic cotton, tencel and recycled polyester . Mini rodini also committed to fair and healthy working conditions for its producers.

  • molo


    Molo stands for quirky children's fashion with a touch of charm and Scandinavian design. You can mix prints and stripes to your own urban and funky style. The collection runs up to 14 years.
    Molo is committed to sustainable fashion by eliminating harmful substances from the collection.

  • monkind
  • Morley for Kids

    Morley for Kids

    Morley for kids is a Belgian fashion label for children.
    Admired by our girls for the dream dresses in luxurious fabrics and beautiful romantic prints.
    Praised by our boys for the festive outfits in trendy minimalistic  colors.

  • motoreta


    Motoreta was founded by Cristina Lopez-Lago and Maria Llerena, both architect partners for years and closely linked to the world of  art and design.  

    A small-scale brand that bets for clothes locally and sustainably produced, choosing quality raw materials and enhancing the small industry.
     An example of how a local manufacturing can go together with a global thinking, design and best quality. 

    Motoreta’s designs are simples but sophisticated, with plain colours and clean shapes.

  • piupiuchick


    Piupiuchick is located in Oporto, by the Atlantic Ocean, near the renowned Portuguese Textile Industry. All garments are designed and produced locally in Portugal. All production is made in fair human conditions and respecting stricltly the environment. Piupiuchick wants our kids to be proud how they can contribute to protect their future. Their core values are: creativity, passion and a sense of humour. Have fun!

  • Play Up

    Play Up

    Play Up, a baby and children's clothing brand with a southern look and feel.
    Soft and comfortable fabrics in earth tones. Prints that you can combine with stripes or solid colors.
    The brand is completely designed and made in Portugal with sustainability in mind.

  • popupshop


    Popupshop is founded in Copenhagen. Their passion is to make everlasting basic wear both sustainably and high on quality. The collections is basic and always in-style clothes, easy to wear, mix, and match. 

    The products are always produced with the purpose of minimizing environmental impact through all production stages. 

  • repose ams

    repose ams

    Respose means freedom, carelessness, calmness. This is also exactly what the brand stands for.
    Quality and comfort are important. Repose designs clothes to play around without compromising on style.
    Every collection is different, but the prints and colors always express tranquility and are not subject to fast fashion. A perfect balance between not too childish and not too mature so that it appeals to both parents and children.

  • Salt-Water sandals

    Salt-Water sandals

    Salt-Water sadals, leather sandals for boys, girls and their mums.

  • soft gallery

    soft gallery

    Scandinavian kids clothing up to 14 years with roots in Denmark.
    Soft gallery works with artists all over the world . Together they create contemporary children clothes with an artistic twist. Each collection tells a familiar story that brings children closer to art.
    The silhouettes are honest , timeless and comfortable.

  • sometime soon

    sometime soon

    Sometime Soon is a street fashion brand intended for boys, but looks awesome on girls too! 

    By mixing nordic simplicity with classic streetwear silhouettes and details, they create collections that hit just the right balance between comfortable and cool. 

  • sproet & sprout

    sproet & sprout

    Sproet & Sprout is a Dutch kids label with unique hand-drawn storytelling artworks. The collections are made with great quality and timeless designs. The brand uses the softest eco-friendly organic cottons which are made to last.

  • The Animals Observatory

    The Animals Observatory

    TAO creates children clothes with love and passion. 
    Laia Aguilar started as creative director for Bobo Choses.  She sees children’s fashion as an artistic tool through which she can express her own extraordinary world.
    At Toa, the children are essential and can let go of their own creativity in a comfortable outfit. Enjoy it!

  • The Campamento

    The Campamento

    Spanish, a quirky style, but always comfortable, sustainable and creative kid's fashion

  • Tinycottons


    Tinycottons is the kids brand that kids choose for comfort and fun, parents for design and freshness and grandparents for quality.... Or just for all of this ;-)

    Based in Barcelona and made in Europe, Tinycottons goes for an honest process and fair trade factories.

  • Vega-Basics
  • Wander & Wonder

    Wander & Wonder

    Wander & Wonder, fashion for kids up to 12 years.

  • weekend house kids

    weekend house kids

    A brand where comfort and awareness about the planet we live in comes first’.

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